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understanding your needs and sharing samples in all steps, is our way to getting 100% clients satisfaction

1. Discovery and Script Development

Our writing team will determine your needs. we will communicate with you to discover your goals science, intended application, budget, and timeline constraints. By sharing similar works, we will generate discussion on style and complexity. our expert medical writers write a script that includes narration( if you want it) and our scientific research group will do research and develop to provide visual samples for each part. We recommend some drafts of the script, And based on customer comments and feedback, we finalize the script. The final script will be provided to you again to reach a 100% agreement on all points

2. Storyboard


With having a client-approved script, our talented animators start by creating a visual storyboard and bring the story to life that both engages and educates all the viewers. Now the script starts to be visual! You can see the line of the story now; each line of narration will add to the related part. Our storyboards are mostly 3d with just a few colors. But in some cases, we recommend you a 2d storyboard. but you will choose the type at the end.

3. 3d modeling and texturing of objects, devices, and environment


Before starting to make animations, our 3d modeler artists start to make 3d models of the objects. having correct –professional 3d models are very important to have really great 3d animations. We will share single render tests of models with textures in different angles to get your confirmation before starting the animates.

4. animatic


After having your confirmation on 3d models, our team start to make animation according to the script, voice-over and story board, then will share you a pre-render video to be sure all things are correct.

5. making it final


After do all possible edits, our render and composite artist will start to work on the projects, adding lights and final effect. we will share you some single renders before making it final to get your thoughts on all parts.

6. we are at the final point!


Adding logo brands, transition, texts, and music happens here. The video is delivered as an HD (1080p) video in the client’s desired file format. After delivery of the final, our team follows up with the client on their derivative needs, which can include closed-captioning files.

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we are at the final point!

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