how to add squash to the ball in maya
January 19, 2019
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December 6, 2018

How to make a simple rigged ball in MAYA

Today we are going to make a simple ball in Maya and rig it with squash and stretch item, then, in future lessons, we will work on how to animate a different kind of balls in Maya.

first, you should select a Maya sphere.

then, select rig tab and select add joint tool from the skeleton menu. then insert a joint and put it in the middle of the sphere.

after that, first, select the joint, then, shift select the sphere, then, from skin menu select bind skin button.

now we are going to make a controller for this joint. select a simple curve from the curve surfaces menu. now we should put on this curve on the joint,

for this, hold the “V” button from the keyboard then select the curve and move it on the middle of the joint. now you should delete the history of the curve from the edit menu, and freeze transform of the curve from modify menu.

now select the curve first, then shift select the joint, from constraint menu, select parent and scale button. now you can move your ball with this controller and rotate and scale it . and you can make a keyframe on this controller curve.